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General Motors

The General Motors is a multinational automobile manufacturer and 2nd largest automaker of the world. In over 35 countries the company manufactures the car and truck. Sells and services of vehicles provide in over 140 countries. General Motors cars are always have the luxury cars with classy and superior. Many buyers find the rates of General Motor's new cars beyond their reach.

General Motors (GM) came to existence on the 16th November 1908 in Flint, Michigan and controlled by William C Durant. There are 244,500 people of around the world works in the GM. Headquarters of the GM has placed in Renaissance Center Downtown Detroit, Michigan, USA. The company has also invested assertively in high technology and e-business, using these for marketing and servicing of its products.The company holds a large amount of shares in GM Daewoo Auto & Technology Company of South Korea.

It has entered into associations with the Suzuki Motor Corporation, Isuzu Motors of Japan, DaimlerChrysler AG, BMW AG and Toyota Motor Corporation. With several automakers of worldwide, GM has made agreements for vehicle manufacturing projects. In 1994, the General Motors has established in India as fifty-fifty partnership with Birla group name as Hindustan Motors. GM has received a fully ownership in 1999. It was also converted to private ltd from public ltd. Plant of the company near Vadodara in Gujarat was originally built by Hindustan Motors (HM).

After the making the joint venture with HM, GM has modernized the 45,000 square-meter plant. In India, 4000 employees work in General Motors. The marketing office of GM is in Gurgaon.

The company launches several product with show strengthened in India. Chevrolet Optra was introduced in 2003 and Chevrolet Tavera in 2004. Chevrolet Forester and Opel Vectra have imported from Japan and Germany and sold as Completely Built in Units. There are also produced Opel Corsa, Corsa Sail, Chevrolet Optra, and Chevrolet Tavera.