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Limited Liability Partnerships

LLP registration is a type of partnership in which the partners have limited liability. The main feature of imperfect liability partnership registration is that one partner, which is not responsible for another partnerís negilance. Limited Liability Partnership is an incorporated business association, which is a Body Corporate having the features of a Limited Company and a Partnership firm. The management of Limited liability partnership is defined by LLP agreement and partners have the freedom to regulate affairs of the LLP. Minimum two persons are needed to register a LLP and there is no restriction regarding maximum number of members. LLP Formation: -
Limited Company formation is the act of making an official application to Companies House to create a company, which is called the procedure of incorporation. The officers of the company, full company name and the principal address of the company on the register of companies held at Companies House are required to formalize the formation of a limited company.

LLP Registration: -

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