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loans in india

One of the reasons for boom in Indian economy is that today loans are easily available and the rates of interests at which they are available are very reasonable. Banks are giving loan for and loan against any and every thing. Government too is encouraging people to take loans for definite purposes. In view of the deluge of loans that are available in the market today, we have come up with useful information about variety of loans that are available in India. These include

Home Loans India

To have one's own home is the dream of every person. Now that getting a home loan is so easy it seems everyone can fulfill his / her long cherished dream.

Auto Loans India
With a surplus of auto loans opportunities available these days, it is now possible for you to buy your dream car.

Business Loans India
Numerous banks give loans to cater to business requirements. Banks have laid out a number of products specially catering to SSI (small-scale industries) and Small Business Borrowers.

Education Loans India
Education is the fundamental nature of life. To ensure that no deserving student is denied education for want of funds government is promoting education loans in a big way.

Marriage Loans India
Marriage is one of the most important events in a person's life. You want to make sure that all the arrangements are perfect and match the event.

Personal Loans India
Personal loan is an unsecured loan that does not need any security for borrowing money. Personal loans help you to take care of your immediate requirements without much of a hassle.

Loans against Home
Loan against home connotes a loan that is given or disbursed against the mortgage of home. The loan against property is given as a certain percentage of market value of the property.

Loans against Auto
Loan against auto is available in the form of overdraft alongside car. The rate of interest is lower than interest in case of personal loan.

Loans against Shares
It is suitable to take loan against equity (shares & debentures) only when you are expecting a certain sum of money a few months down the line and you need some funds in the interim.