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Patent Search India

The Patent Search India will advise you on the different claims you can file, and what the requirements would be to apply for your patent. According to patent office statistics, there are high numbers of patent applications that are not granted. The reason why 100% of patents are not granted is mainly due to rejections that arise in the patent review process. There are several reasons a patent request may be declined, but the most common reasons for rejection are (1) there is prior art, (2) a similar patent is already granted, or (3) that the invention is not new.

Our experienced Patent Search team assists you in evaluating the chances of obtaining a patent for your invention and claims. Finally, with the Patent Search you will save money and time. Generally the Patent & Trademark Office takes three years to decide whether to approve the patent grant or to reject the patent application. For this reason, if you do not complete an expert search, it is possible that you will lose not only the money for the patent application fees, but also a lot of time and energy.

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