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Trademark Renewal

A trade-mark registration is applicable for a period of 15 years and may be rehabilitated indefinitely for subsequent 15-year periods. If it is not willingly cancelled at the request of the registered owner expunged from the Trade-marks Register by the Trade-marks disagreement Board, a delegated body of the Registrar under s. 45 of the Trade-Marks Act, or the Federal Court.

In order to preserve a trade-mark registration on the Trade-marks Register, the registration should be transformed within a period of 15 years from the day of registration or last renewal. Pursuant to subs. 46(2) of the Trade-marks Act, the Registrar will matter a renewal notice to the registered owner and, where pertinent, its representative for service. Thus, it is probable to renew a trade-mark registration upon the payment of the prescribed fee at any time prior to the expiry of a 15-year period. There are two main ways to renew trademark, which are given below:

1) By Filing a Renewal Application:
If you want to make changes to any of our register entries relating to your trademark, you should apply for a renewal in writing.

2) By Paying a Renewal fee:
If you do not want to transform any register entries, you renew the trademark by paying a renewal fee – you need not fill in any application. However, the receipt of your payment must contain the following information:
  • The registration number of the trademark creature renewed.
  • The sum paid.
  • The name and address of the payer.
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