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Trademark Registrations

Trademark Office

The trademark office is an agency, which provides protection to the inventors and business for their inventions and trademark registration for the product and intellectual property identification. The office is provided with funds by the fees, which are charged for processing the patents and trademark. The applications for trademark registration are examined by the trademark office. The trademarks are registered on either the principal register or the supplement register depending upon the characteristic criteria. Mainly, trademark office is used to promote industrial and technological progresses and also strengthen the national economy by administrating the laws relating to patents and trademarks.

Trademark Registration office

The trademark office performs the statutory duties in connection with the grant of patents for new inventions. The Head Office of Patents is at Kolkata with branches at Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The branches deal with the applications for patents originating within their respective defensive jurisdiction.

Patent Trademark office

The Trademark Patent office has layed many rules for filing and issuing of Trademarks and Patents. The Trademark offices issue the trademarks and Office logos. The Intellectual Patent rights of an inventor are governed and protected by issuing a patent to the inventor on his invention so that he alone will have the rights over his invention. The patent intellectual rules are less or more same in every nation with a few variations. In short period, these intellectual property rights proved very useful in protecting the inventor's invention from problems like infringement.