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PCT Filling in India

Filing for patent is not an easy task. Certain Procedure is needed to be followed and PCT provides well-planned procedure for filing patents application. PCT means "The Patent Cooperation Treaty". Any patent application which is filed under PCT is treated as International application or PCT application. If PCT Application designated India has been filed on the date of the International Application then they are considered as Indian Patent Application filed on the date of International application. 31 month from the priority date is a defined period for entering into national phase. Requirements for entry into National Phase in India are as follows-:

  • Application with name, address should be filed.
  • Application must contain the title of invention and most importantly Nationality of the Inventor.
  • International Search Report and Preliminary Examination Report.
  • Fees
Besides, duly stamped power of attorney, declaration of inventorship by the applicant and many more required and necessary documents need to be submitted as they are considered mandatory.

Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law is an exclusive right given to the creator of intellect property under federal law. There are numbers of firm assisting clients and fulfilling their requirements, not only in India but outside India also such as USA, UK and all. These firms help by providing fruitful advice in the valuation of intellectual property rights, copy rights, patent and trademarks. Many people are using this service in order to avoid unfair trade practices. Intellectual property could be an idea, design, formula or any intangible asses. Intellectual property law is popular in India as well as internationally. Qualitative help, legal service in registration and protection are main advantages of intellectual property law firms.

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