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There are end number of companies established around the world under different acts and various provisions. So many companies with similar names are also running in the market. This is indeed creating confusion in the mind of consumer. Therefore, company name search is an easiest option recommended to use while giving name to the established company. Companies name is an identity of the company. Therefore deciding company name at the time of formation is very important task. It is advisable to check the availability of the name in advance in order to avoid any chance of rejection. One of the mandatory norms one should keep in mind while giving name to the company is "companies name should not be similar off other".

If any company with the same name is already registered, then registrar of the company simply refuses and will not allot that name. Similar or identical name is also harm and dangerous for organizational growth, as competitors could take unethical advantage of this besides confusion among customers is also originated.

Company name search UK, Company Name Search India, Company name search USA all provide great help in avoiding the duplicity of the company's name while establishing any new enterprise or organization.

There are millions of limited companies registered in the UK. Unlimited in India and USA. Trouble is this few are with the same names. Company name search helps in checking the availability of that company name, it is a effective guide helping you by providing the information that if the suggested name is already registered company or not.

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