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Trademark Renewal

An important part of making the most of a Trademark is to renew a trademark and keeping it alive. The term of a trademark on lapse makes it vulnerable to infringement and other activities that may prove threatening to a product/brand and its existence. The international trademark system is governed by the two international treaties, namely the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol. The international registration may not however be renewed in respect of only some of the goods and services recorded in the International Register; if therefore the holder wished, at the time of renewal, to remove some of the goods and services from the international registration, he must separately request cancellation in respect of those goods and services.

The service providers in respect of renewal of trademarks offer the service as per the wish of the holder. Under the WIPO e-renewal service, users can restore trademarks registered under the Madrid System for the International Registration of Trademarks simply by entering the number of their international registration. There are many organizations which provide for these services. They offer for expanding the business through trademark registration.

Timely trademark renewals being undertaken by the team at tm-India shall ensure the protection of your Trademark. With timely reminders and action, Tm-India shall enable you make the most of your mark, while diminishing the chances of your brand space to be ridden over. The experienced team at tm-india with its timely action at the Trademark Registry in India shall help you make the most of your mark.

Please go through the below table for trademark registration in your desired country.

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