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TAN Registration

We provide TAN Registration consulting services, which meet the client's needs and budgets completely. TAN means Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number. It contains a 10 digit alpha numeric number allotted by the Income Tax Department (ITD) on all TDS returns. TAN is required to be obtained by all persons who are responsible for deducting or collecting tax under Section 203A of the Income Tax Act. It is compulsory to quote TAN in TDS /TCS (Tax Collection at Source) return (including any e-TDS/TCS return), any TDS/TCS payment challan and TDS/TCS certificates. TAN should be quoted on all TDS challans, returns, certificates and quarterly statements.

Tan Registration Procedure:


The procedure of TAN registration is necessary for all TAN holders. To make the process easier for deductors, the relaxing time is expected to be a span of 6 months, from the date of implementation. All deductors are estimated to complete their TAN registration before this period.

The procedure runs for a span of about 6 months, during which it will be optional. But thereafter, it is mandatory for every TAN holder to quote their respective TAN registration number in all TDS/TCS correspondences. This includes all TDS/TCS statements, challans, etc.

How to register?
Once the system is in place, the TAN holder would be receiving an information letter to register their TAN at tm-India. The system is expected to be as under

  1. Visit NSDL website at go to TAN registration provision.
  2. Enter the TAN, Deductor name, Contact information, Valid email ID, Valid Phone number, etc.
  3. Confirm the confirmation by quoting any Provisional Receipt Number of last one year time.
  4. Enter the desired password for TAN registration.
  5. On successful submission of such information, deductor will receive a Unique Registration Number against such TAN.
  6. Dedutor has to quote such Registration Number in next TDS statement being filed.
  7. Once NSDL receives the TDS statement containing right registration number against such TAN, the Password will be enabled.
  8. Consequently deductor can login at NSDL website with their registration number.

Please go through the below table for trademark registration in your desired country.

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