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Brand Registration">Brand Registration

Brand name is a sign to distinguish services and goods of the same kind of different producers. Brand name may be word, image or the combination of these two, which is expressed with one or more colors. We work closely with our clients to advice on clearance and availability of brand names, brands, designs and trademarks. Our brand clearance team carries out extensive searches to clear brands for use. Our attorneys advise clients, from large brand-owners and young start-up companies, on all aspects of brand clearance, trademark registration and enforcement of trademark rights.

Brand Registration Procedure

Secure your brand name by registering your domain name. Your domain name is your brand. Protect and grow your brand with multiple domain names. Our team of highly qualified and experienced attorneys provides comprehensive trademark, brand registration, copyright, and branding services, including trademark searches, copyright registration, trademark monitoring and protection. The brand registration procedures are carried out in timely manner and are closely monitored by our professional teams.

The brands can be registered in the following forms:-
  • The verbal brand - A denomination, a slogan, written with Standard characters.
  • The figurative brand - A graphic element that does not contain letters or ciphers.
  • The combined brand - A written denomination with a special graphics and /or in colors or a denomination accompanied by a graphic element.
  • The three-dimensional brand - The brand made up of the form of the product or of the package or any other three-dimensional specific sign that allows the identification of a product or service.

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