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Trademark Registrations

Intellectual Property Rights in UK

Intellectual property (IP) is the outcome of intellectual effort. Intellectual property rights are a series of legal rights, which give protection for various types of invention, brand name, design, or original creation. The legal rights, which include patents, trade marks and copyright, give the creator the right to prevent the unauthorized use of their materials or creation for the specified period of protection. Intellectual property rights as patents, registered designs and trade marks require to be registered to come into force, and are administered by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Intellectual property is the right of possession and control over the artistic and commercial creations of the mind. This is becoming increasingly important as we move into an information-based existence. Businesses require being known and identifiable to protect their intangible assets in order to become successful. Several businesses would agree that intellectual property represents a major portion of the asset value of their company.

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