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International Patent Registration

A patent is when your government gives you the limited right to profit from an invention for a set number of years. If anyone else tries to sell something, which is covered by your patent, you will have the legal right to make them either pay you a licence fee or stop. International Patent registration, means to become an owner of ones own invention and to protect other's from stealing the invention. The invention can only be registered when the invention is helpful to the human race or used for industrial purposes. The registration process involves the steps like hiring an attorney, getting the application form, drafting the claim, collecting the details like patent searching, and filing the patent. The inventor who likes only to patent the invention doesn't require any legal advisor. If the inventor likes to market his invention then he/ she should for the legal advisor to keep away from infringements. Patent registration should do patent search to see whether any other patent's infringes with his invention. A priority date is given by the patent office authority after the registration of his invention. The patents granted will be valid for twenty years depending upon the invention.

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