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Copyright Registration

We all have some dreams and ideas which can be beautifully converted into words and pictures or into any other tangible thing. But, what will happen if original idea of an individual is stolen by other, than the beauty of subject would vanish. Copyright Registration helps in protecting your right on your original thought so that you can lovingly nurture it in your own way. It is a right given exclusively to the owner of the original work.

Copyright Registration Service

Registering your work with the registrar of Copyright Office is generally known as Copyright Registration Services. Copyright Registration Service is a purposeful service helps in protecting the right of the individual, organization or original thought. Creative and Original work is precious for every individual or organization and are of value to them therefore Copyright registration service facilitates the protection of the original and genuine thoughts.  It includes all kind of written, audio or visual materials but should be original and pure.  

Online Copyright Registration

Online Copyright Registration is a very easy and approachable. Through Online copyright registration services original work can be registered at once without much of paper work involve. Online Registration is very simple and economical. If Individual or organization wants to protect their valuable work from being copied they can register by login to the website and registration number has been given to them. In case of any dispute or lost of original copy, one can retrieve the back-up instantly.

Copyright Registration in India

In India copyright is very popular. Here, people are blessed with variety of skills and creativity and without protection it could be easily exploited by cheaters. The main purpose of copyright registration in India is to protect the originality of the though so that it can give fruitful result to the owner.

TM-India provides the copyright registrations services around the world. To proceed with copyright registrations in different countries of the world, please go through the below table:

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