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Trademark Registrations

International Trademark Registration provides International trademark registration services in more than 180 countries worldwide. To ensure the quality of our services all registrations are performed by highly skilled professional trademark attorneys. The decision to register a trademark internationally will depend of your business strategy. In common, you want to register your trademark in the countries that you want to commercialize your products. firm has membership of various consortium and legal associations, which makes us present in almost 119 countries of the world.

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International Trademark Search

An international trademark search is a review of different publicly available information and occasionally trade information, designed to determine whether a particular trademark (a) is available for use without serious risk of infringement of the rights of a prior user, and (b) is available for registration, referring to the criteria for registrable international trademarks under local laws.

International Trademark Association

The International Trademark Association, well known as INTA is a worldwide not-for-profit association of member companies and firms, which supports and advances trademarks and intellectual property as elements of fair and effective global commerce. In 1878, the international Trademark association was formed by seventeen merchants. There are about 4,900 members present in international trademark association. Trademark association was started for the protection of rights of the trademark professionals and trademark owners and was headquartered in New York City in 1878. In 1926, this later became the not-for- profit member association. In 1993, the name was changed to International trademark association.

International Trademark Association is mainly focused on the trademark concepts. This includes a foster governmental cooperation in the area of trademark as well as non-governmental, lobbying organization, non-profitable organization, and professional association. This association is related with the support and advancement of trademark and intellectual property rights as elements of effective and fair national and international commerce.

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