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Patent Preparation Services

Patent preparation, prosecution and licensing are the three initial steps in applying for a patent. Among industries normally making use of this kind of protection are technology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. Increasingly, so are ecommerce, business methods and software.

The services of a skilled patent attorney are crucial to avoid loss of the exclusivity that is the patent holder's primary advantage. The process applying a patent is a lengthy and costly one. A miscue at one stage can squander the time, expense and effort that went into all the others. Prior to completing an application for a patent, the item's "patentability" must be ascertained. This means that it meets the standards of the USPTO. In as much as technology and other inventions are distributed worldwide, the application should consider criteria in major trading nations.

The necessary standards that must be met are in one or more of the following areas
  • It is a product or procedure that is covered by patent protection law.
  • It is new or unique in some way.
  • It is made in a new or unique way.
  • It has a specific use or application.

Patent Prosecution Services

We have team consists of patent attorneys & patent agents to handle the patent filing & prosecution in India for domestic and international clients. The e-filing system of patent application implemented by Indian patent office has made the process easier and simple. Patent prosecution may be defined as communication between patent applicant or their representative and the patent office in regard to a patent, or an application for a patent. We provide end-to-end patent prosecution services including technical study of official action and cited prior art, response to official action and strategizing amendments for maximizing impact. Our team has in-depth understanding of fundamental values of patent and general experience in patent prosecution process.

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