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Society Registration India

Societies are governed by the Societies Registration Act 1860, which is an all-India Act. Societies are similar in character to trusts, although there a few essential differences. While only two individuals are required to form a trust, a minimum of seven individuals are required to form a society. The applicants must register the society with the state Registrar of Societies having jurisdiction in order to be eligible to apply for tax-exempt status. A registration application includes the society's memorandum of association and rules and regulations.

In general, Indian citizens serve as members of the managing committee or governing council of societies, although there is no prohibition in the Societies Registration Act against non-natural legal persons or foreigners serving in this capacity. The major instrument of any society is the memorandum of association and rules and regulations (no stamp paper required), wherein the aims and objects and mode of management (of the society) should be enshrined.

Society Registration Services:

We provide services for registration of Societies and NGO / non-profit making units. The services are well planned and executed to promise appropriate completion of process. We offer services for Registration of Societies U/S 10 (23C), 35. 80G for exemption purposes. The procedure is executed by trained and experienced professionals who have been in this segment for years. Our consultants have in intensity understanding of the processes involved and they help clients in the most benefiting manner for timely and easy registration of Societies under section 10 (23C), 35. 80G, as per government defined regulations and formalities.

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