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Foreign Company Registration

A foreign company is a company that is incorporated in a country outside India under the law of that other country and has a place of business in India. Foreign Companies are of two types namely, after April 1, 1956 companies incorporated outside India have established a place of business in India. Companies incorporated outside India have established a place of business in India before that date and continue to have an established place of business in India.

If any foreign company wants to establish any branch or branches of its business in India, no further information need be given, except that with the annual accounts the company should deliver three copies of a list of all its places of business in India and with reference to which the accounts are made out. Every foreign company must obviously exhibit on the outside of its every office or place of business in India its name ending with the words "Limited" or "Private Limited", as the case may be, if it is limited company, and the country of its incorporation in English as well as in the local language.

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