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US Patent Office

The United states patent and Trademark office is popularly known as USPTO. It is an agency established by the United States department of commerce. The main function of U.S Patent office is to protect the interest of the inventors from various sectors of the world. It also plays a very vital role by assisting and advising the president of India, officials of the department of commerce and various other bureaucrats. It was established by congress. Initially the patent office remained in department of state, and then it was transferred to the department of Interior. In 1925 it was transferred to department of commerce. The name changed from patent & trademark office to United States Patent & Trademark office. The United States patent office has no jurisdiction over questions of infringement and the enforcement of patents. Thus through the promotion and motivation of information related to patent the United States Patent office is directly or indirectly promoting the industrial and technological progress of the nation.

United States Patent Office Search

There are different ways of conducting including online, microfilm and print. The U.S patent office is fully computerized to effectuate automated searching of patents issued from 1790 to the current week. The main tools used by Unites states patent office to search a particular application a particular application are web-based Examiner search tool (WEST) and Examiner Automated Search Tool (EAST), the USPTO website and related applications. The U.S patent images from 1790 till date are also present for viewing or printing. The United States patent office search facility is available in Alexandria from Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. It is only closed on federal holidays and weekends. Patent data is searchable on the internet without coming to the United States patent office. The patent application and information retrieval offers access to 500,000 patent applications not covered by confidentiality laws. Every application are added in the database within 18 months from the date of filing. Examiner Automated Search Tool (EAST) and web-based Examiner search tool (WEST) are tools that can be used only after going through concerned training.

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