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Company Patent Registration

Company Patent registration plays vital role in the protection of Intellectual Property rights. There are two types of patents - Standard, that is valid up to 20 years and Innovation, which is valid up to 8 years. For company patent registration, you should do patent search to see whether any other patent's infringes with his invention. A priority date is given by the patent company registration office authority after the registration of his invention. The patents granted will be valid for twenty years depending upon the invention.

We are the leading intellectual property law firm in India. We are providing in international services in the fields of patents. These services will assist you in filing patent applications. We house a team of highly qualified and trained to give you effective solutions for national or international company patent registration services in India & across the globe. They help throughout the patent application procedure, and can assist with enforcement, after the patent has been granted.

TM-India provides the company patent registration services around the world. To proceed with company patent registration in different countries of the world, please go through the below table:

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