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About us

Established in 2007, Tm-india is one of the most popular leading law firms in India, which offers trademark registration services in affordable price and has developed a specialization in trademark law. We are a full service intellectual property law group specializing Patent, copyright and Trademark prosecution (filing) and litigation. Some of our legal services including, filing trademark applications, foreign international trademark filings.

We believe that today in context of the ever changing economies of the world legal profession has to play a positive, valuable and constructive role. The challenges are being faced by the business houses today especially those who are dealing in cross border. Today, there are experienced lawyers engaged in International Business and finance procedures than ever before. Having depth knowledge in solving all types of legal issues and cases with our rich experience and expertise and offering high quality services in affordable price.

Our highly skilled and experienced lawyers have high proficient in handling and solving all types of legal registration issues and cases completely and easily. Our policy is to enhance the client satisfaction through offering quality legal registration with a team of highly skilled and experienced law experts. We also offer an online legal registration service that's well maintained by our highly qualified and experienced lawyers. So, experienced lawyers are very expert in handling all types of law issues and cases completely and having rich experience and expertise in understanding all types of client-™s concerns and business-™s issues completely.

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