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The Patent cooperation Treaty is an agreement for international cooperation in the field of the patents that provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications. It is mainly a treaty for rationalization and cooperation with regard to the PCT filing procedure, searching and examination of patent applications and the dissemination of the technical information contained therein. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an efficient and cost-effective way to enter into the patenting process in several countries at one time. Although the PCT process does not result directly in the issuance of any national patents, it provides many important benefits for applicants contemplating foreign filing. The most important objective of the PCT is to simplify and to render more effective and more economical in the interests of the users of the patent system and the offices that have responsibility for administering it.

TM-India provides the pct filing services around the world. To proceed with pct filing in different countries of the world, please go through the below table:

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