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Arbitration is a concept where a mediator gets hired to resolve the dispute between the partners while running a business partnership. It also known by mediation or arbitrage, where an agreement is prepared by arbitrator while resolving the business disputes. Arbitration is a legal process where instead of approaching to court; an arbitrator is hired to make a settlement between the two parties.

The power of arbitrator is similar like to court where the decision is enforceable upon the dispute parties. The main advantage of arbitration is it saves a time as under the same there is no need to indulge with court; your case can easily be resolved under the arbitration that also saves your time as well.

An arbitration agreement is in written that include the rights, duties, obligations and other limits of every partner that used to resolve the disputes outside the court. The same agreement also describes the faulty product or illegal treatment in the workplace and other issues that resulted in dispute. In a large contract the arbitration is ordinarily clause where many times it is also being signed by the employee of the company that prevents them not to sue in the court.

Arbitration Services

Under the arbitration services; we have specialized attorneys and solicitors offers the best of arbitration services. Here, we offer a complete segment of hiring process, agreement formation and declaration and lots more under the system of arbitration.

  1. The arbitration has its own set of rules and regulations in respect of which the arbitrator states his or her decision to the parties. There are the separate rights, procedures and limitations for parties involve in arbitration.
  2. CCR is the govern body that handles all the arbitration process and also coordinates and fix all hearings under section 6 of arbitration rules where arbitrator is assigned who has responsibility to submit all the documents about the respective case to CCR.
  3. Within the 15 to 30 days from the start of arbitration process; it is required to submit the hearing report to the CCR.
  4. Arbitrator can call parties or witnesses anytime and can have heard by the way of writing or telephonic. If possible it is more beneficial for the witnesses to present at the hearing.
  5. If we concern about timings then it grant 20 min to both the parties where they can proof their arguments and grant 5 min for closing the statement as per arbitration rule section 17.
  6. After hiring process; arbitrator issue a decision under the prescribed form of report that is then sent to each partner within the 3 business days.

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