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Trademark Registrations

Company Registration

Company is a separate legal entity with limited liability having common seal with transferability of shares and perpetual succession run by separate management consisting individuals. There are different kinds of companies and each Company is registered under Companies Registration Act. Companies Registration Act varies in different countries. Every country is having different rules & regulation and procedure of companys registration.

Foreign company registration

Company can set up business operation in India after taking permission from RBI through Liaison Office/Representative Office, Project Office or through Branch Office, but they need to follow certain procedure. If, Foreign Company is having business place in India then they need to give local agents name and address within 30 days of establishment to the registrar. It is necessary to file all the required documents. Foreign companies need to be incorporated under the companies act, 1956 through alliance with Indian partners means joint ventures or wholly owned subsidiaries. Registration of foreign companies provides legal support in case of any conflict.

Company registration in India

In India companies are registered under the rules set by Companies Act 1956. Approval of the name of the company by ROC in the state in which company will establish its office is the first and important step. After that MOA & AOA with other relevant and required documents along with the filing fees, need to be submitted with ROC for incorporation of a company. In the next step ROC issues the Certification of Incorporation after checking MOA&AOA. In the end Tax registration fees, declaration and other mandatory procedure is need to be followed.

Limited company registrations

Most common form of companies is limited companies Limited company is of two types, Public Limited Company and Private limited Company. Registration of Limited company is essential. Limited company can be formed by registering the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA) with the State Registrar of the company of the state in which company is to be located.

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