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Cooperative Society Registration

A co-operative society is a special type of business organization different from other forms of organsation. The term co-operation is derived from the Latin word co-operari, where the word co means 'with' and operari means 'to work'. Thus, co-operation means working together. So those who want to work together With some common economic objective can form a society which is termed as "co-operative society". It is a voluntary association of persons who work together to support their economic interest. It works on the principle of self-help as well as mutual help. The main objective is to provide support to the members. Nobody joins a cooperative society to earn profit. People come forward as a group, group their individual resources, utilize them in the best possible manner, and derive some common benefit out of it.

Cooperative Society Registration India:

A Co-operative Society can be formed as per the requirements of the Co-operative Societies Act, 1912. At least ten persons having the capacity to enter into a contract with common economic objectives, like farming, weaving, consuming, etc. can form a Co-operative Society. A mutual application along with the bye-laws of the society containing the details about the society and its members has to be submitted to the Registrar of Co-operative Societies of the concerned state. After scrutiny of the application and the bye-laws, the registrar issues a Certificate of Registration.

Requirements for Registration:
  1. Application with the signature of all members
  2. Bye-laws of the society controlling.
  3. Name, address and aims and objectives of the society;
  4. Names, addresses and occupations of members;
  5. Mode of admitting new members;
  6. Share capital and its division.

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