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Trademark Registrations

International Trademark Search

An International trademark search is a vital part of the process. By this trademark search, we can reveal whether your proposed mark is capable of registration. If you do not carry out a search, you are applying for a trademark 'blind' and considerably increase the risks of losing the filing fees. The international trademark search allows us to identify the likelihood of your proposed mark being registered based on the earlier opposition from examiners and recent case law.

In order to carry out international trademark search, we will require from you a brief description of the good or services, together with your use within your industry. This will help us when we decide the appropriate area to seek protection under.

Trademark name search

Trademark search provides detailed information on trademark name search, which is required to make your trademark name is legally available and it is best to do this before expansion, opening, incorporation or designing your logo.

Online trademark search

Online trademark search is important because you need to determine whether another business is already using trademark that is identical or similar to the business or product name you want to use. Online trademark search and free trademark search can help you in finding all information related to trademark. Federal trademark search can also assist you in filing the federal trademark application.

TM-India provides the trademark search services around the world. To proceed with trademark search in different countries of the world, please go through the below table:

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