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Indian Patent Registration Law Firm

Tm-India is reliable Indian patent registration law firm, which guides you how to understand exclusive rights given for specific number of years to the inventor of the product. Generally, the protection is granted for a limited period, 20 yrs. In order to determine whether a particular invention provides patent different points have to be taken into consideration.

Thus, a patent can be claimed if all their factors are identified efficiently. A patent application can be drafted and prepared properly only by a patent agent. Thus as far as, patent filing and registration in India is concerned, it should be done at the hands of patent agents who have associated themselves with different law firms of the country.

Having highly skilled and experienced lawyers panel into IP matters to provide highly quality IP services for our domestic and international clients. Our practices include all IP matters, with wider specialty in filing, registering, and prosecuting Patents, Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Copyrights including renewals, licensing and enforcement. Our mission is to understand the needs and budgets of our clients, their business, their concerns and their goals, accordingly provide patent registration services in affordable price meeting the client-® s requirements and expectations completely.

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