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Trademark Registrations

New Patent Registration

New Patent registration is a document, which is issued by a patent registration office. This patent registration describes the invention and creates a legal right in favour of the patentee, enabling him to exploit the same. Patents protect the features and processes that make your works easy and simple. A granted patent will give you exclusive rights to take legal action against anyone who uses it without your permission. This monopoly right normally lasts for about 20 years and is the best method to protect inventions and mechanical processes.

In order to be protected the patent is needed to be registered with the patent office so that everyone can study it. After 20 years it will become available for anyone to use. Patent registration is very essential as the patents system works on the basis of awarding the patent to whoever files the patent first, and not who was the first inventor. For a patent application to be successful it is very important that the idea is original Patent registration should be considered approximately immediately and an application made in good time.

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