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Patent Law Firm in India

Basically, Patent Law Firms help inventors or organizations in applying for patents and helping customers to know about their patent rights. Therefore a law firm which focuses on patent related issues is called a patent law firm.

We at Tm-India provide high quality IP Services including patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, and IP litigation at affordable price. This law firm is equipped with highly qualified professionals providing service through best team coming from multidisciplinary and divers background. Intellectual Property issues always require kind attention, consequently this firm provides legal help and serves their customers for valuation of intellectual Property rights. This firm advises its client on creation, registration and protection of intellectual property.

We provide services in filing and preparing patent applications for registration in India. We can provide our customers with comprehensive knowledge in drafting descriptive specifications and claims. We also provide services for conducting patent search, preparing, paying annuities, and filing written arguments and appeals, patent administration, and infringement litigation. Our Team consists of highly qualified and experienced Intellectual Property Attorneys having specialization in their respective fields, which provides Brand owners, individuals, Multi-nationals and Legal Practitioners to protect their Trade Marks, Domain Names, Service Marks, and other Intellectual Property Rights Online.

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