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Trademark Registrations

Federal Trademark Search

Federal Trademark Search compares your mark with identical marks in the Federal trademark register. Especially, this search is helpful when you have several choices for potential trademarks and you wish to narrow the field by eliminating obviously unavailable marks. US Federation Search is the best described as a "preliminary screening search" of the U.S. Federal and state trademark search is comprehensive and allows a trademark attorney to provide detailed analysis regarding the likelihood of your trademark application maturing into a trademark registration. Tm-India provides federal trademark search, registration and watching services. We have experienced attorneys and specialists, who can assist you in researching, protecting and managing their trademarks.

Federal Trademark Registration Search

Before using a trademark or service mark, a search should be conducted to determine whether the proposed mark is available for use or whether it has been adopted and used by another in connection with related services or goods. By federal trademark registration search, you can find all info about federal trademark registration. By using the Trademark Electronic Application System, You can file your trademark application online at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website.

Federal Trademark Name Search

Federal trademark Name Search provides valuable information by determining availability of your chosen name. Before attaching a name to your product or service, conduct a federal Trademark Name Search. It is a cost-effective tool which allows you to screen out any identical, phonetical or similar Trademarks and Tradenames from up-to-date registries. The cost of a trademark name search is small in comparison to the benefit of knowing your trademark is safe to use and you will likely receive the several trademark registration benefits.

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