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India Trademark Litigation

India Trademark litigation occupies a dispute over whether one party has encroached on the other trademark rights. Trade dress litigation involves disputes over whether the distinctive configuration or packaging of a product line has been infringed. Unfair competition claims, sometimes asserted together with trademark claims, can be made when a defendant product is likely to confuse the public in India as to the affiliation between services, goods or companies. It can also include false advertising.

The India Trademark Litigation considers the statutes, rules, regulations, and decisional law in India relating to or arising from litigation that involves trademarks, trade names, or unfair competition affecting trade identity, as well as statutes, rules, regulations, and decisional law relating to or arising from such litigation. Trademark protection can cover more than just a name associated with a service or product.

India Trademark litigation cost varies significantly based on the case and the opposing party. Most trademark litigation matters, conversely, are settled at a much earlier stage and at far lower cost. Though, like any other lawsuit, can be disruptive of business, the disruption to technical personnel tends to be less than in patent or trade-secret cases. To protect business assets and well worth it in appropriate conditions trademark litigation is worth it.

Our vast trademark litigation experience makes our attorneys well versed in the best ways to approach cases, whether large or small, complex or straightforward. We assess the potential risks and rewards of disputes and provide creative solutions for customers of all sizes. Our experienced trademark attorneys regularly advise clients on protecting their trademarks and service marks from infringement and dilution and have significant experience with trademark litigation in civil courts as well as before the PTO in opposition and cancellation proceedings. Our attorneys are experienced in seeking and resisting temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions in state and federal courts.

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