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Arbitration Dispute

Arbitration is one of the five elegant and effective means of resolving disputes outside the formal court of law, promptly, privately, and economically. For many decades, this arbitration has been a hugely popular and commonly preferred process for commercial and other dispute resolution at national and international levels. The other four techniques or process for alternative dispute resolution are Mediation, Negotiation, Collaborative Law, and Conciliation.

In ours this glamorous and immensely beneficial webpage, we are presenting the complete gamut of information about the arbitration dispute resolution in all across India, and countries located worldwide. Arbitration is the legally recognized technique or process of dispute resolution during which the disputing parties unanimously select a third party unbiased arbitrator to analyze and adjudge conflicting things and thereafter derive a judicious and equitable decision, which would be agreeable to both the parties.

The method of arbitration dispute resolution has been very beneficial for resolving commercial disputes of companies, mercantile contracts, consumer issues, and employment matters. All these categories of disputes have been solved expertly and expeditiously by ours decent and mellowed arbitration lawyers of international repute.

Arbitration Dispute Resolution

For arbitration dispute resolution within a country, there is a well-devised arbitration law in every major country of the world, such as the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 of India. On the basis on this predominant arbitration law of India, ours sophisticated arbitration lawyers have been solving and settling all varieties of commercial disputes existing between Indian companies, and Indian and foreign companies, in every part of India.

At international level, for resolving commercial disputes between companies belonging to two different countries, ours well-connected law firm of India is also quite famous. The basis of such international arbitration dispute resolutions is chosen as per the arbitration dispute resolution clauses mutually agreed by the transacting companies.

Today, for solving international commercial or other disputes between companies located in different countries in the world over, the most reputed and preferred international arbitration laws are --- The New York Convention, 1958; The Geneva Convention, 1927; The European Convention, 1961; The Washington Convention, 1965; The Geneva Protocol, 1923; the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules; and several other international arbitration laws.

Thus, apart from the International Court of Arbitration, ours globally reputed law firm of India is certainly a perfect and reliable option for arbitration dispute settlements in all across India, and in any international jurisdiction worldwide.
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