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Trademark Class11-Environmental Control Apparatus

Apparatus for steam generating, lighting, water supply heating, cooking, refrigerating, drying ventilating, and sanitary purposes. The environmental control apparatus are useful for controlling a working environment in an exposure apparatus. More mainly, the present invention is concerned with an environmental control apparatus for an exposure apparatus for effecting exposure using exposure light having a wavelength range in which oxygen absorbs the exposure light. In latest years, it has been desired to produce highly integrated semiconductor circuits. In order to produce such semiconductor circuits, exposure apparatuses have been extensively used in which a circuit pattern formed on a reticle as a mask is transferred to a photosensitive substrate. Hence, there have been increasing demands for an exposure apparatus which is capable of forming an image of high declaration. As a technique for producing highly integrated semiconductor circuits, there has been known a technique which utilizes, as exposure light, light having a short wavelength, such as a g-line, KrF excimer laser light and ArF excimer laser light. Specially, as a technique for producing a DRAM of 1G, a technique which utilizes ArF excimer laser light having a wavelength as short as 193 nm has been proposed.

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