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Trademark Class4-Lubricants and Fuels

Industrial oils and greases, dust absorbing, lubricants, wetting and binding compositions, fuels and illuminant, candles and wicks. The fuel used for automobile operation is specially formulated gasoline, even though diesel fuels are used for many trucks and buses and a few automobiles. The things in a good fuel for automobile are sufficient antiknock quality, proper volatility and freedom from polluting by-products of combustion. Lubrication is a necessary requirement for all vehicles. In the absence of lubrication, friction would increase power consumption and damage the parts. The lubricants dish up as a noise-reducing cushion, coolant and a sealant between cylinder walls and engine piston rings. The engine lubrication system includes a gear-type pump that delivers filtered oil under pressure to a system of drilled passages leading to different bearings. Oil spray also lubricates valve lifters and the cams.

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