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Patent Registration">Patent Registration

Mainly, the patents act, 1970 governs the patent system of India, which has been effective since 20th April, 1972. Patents are naturally protective and they have also an international relevance. The inventor has to file his application in every country where he seeks to protect his invention. Patent registration is a document, issued by a patent registration office that describes the invention and creates a legal right in favour of the patentee, enabling him to exploit the same. In India, the patent filing procedure can either be done alone or jointly with a partner, by an inventor or by a legal representative/law firm of deceased assignees. The process of filing a patent in India is very difficult and cumbersome and hence it is advisable to find a good attorney, who can assist you in patent registration. There are many patent law firms in India during the process of patent filing in India, but only you choose the right service you will get your done faster without difficulty and with legality.

International Patent Registration

An international system of patents PCT provides a unified procedure for filing patent applications which may include most of the world countries. International Patents registration means to become an owner of ones own invention and protect other's from stealing the invention. One of the most important benefits of the PCT procedure is the fact that a single filing of an international application will cover all the designated countries, unifying the procedure before one single office and entailing a significant cost reduction.

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